Well not sure about Windows 95 but Ruby looks to be gaining a lot of users and is quite powerful as well.

Yes it has been discussed about doing open source with KiXtart before but Ruud never seemed to respond to it. Right now it has a good reputation and is pretty easy and powerful while under his control. When open it could become a real pain to manage and could easily fall apart as many, many open source programs have done over the years.

I really love KiXtart but I too agree I'd love to see more features and development done with it, but not in the area of Windows 95 support, in that area it actually hold KiXtart back some (as it has too with AutoIt as well) you just can't easily support and regression test every OS out there.

I can understand and feel your pain with regards to needing support for what you're working on (not like you have a choice I'm sure) but to be fair you're one of the few I'm sure that continues to have to support Win9x so if KiXtart has to drop features or support for Win9x so that it can progress then I'm for that and maybe you will have to move on to AutoIt (it appears to be a great little program too)
I know that if KiXtart does not start to progress then it will start to flounder as Admins will need more power and features as Windows progresses as well.

Good luck guy and hopefully Ruud will have something good for both of us soon.