I need you help on this one pls.

I want to remotely install SAP on the network.

i wanted to make a bacth file, that later I can insert to the logon script.

I keep getting the error:

RUNNAS: Access is Denied.

here is my bat file for your review:

  @Echo off
\\sgnas1\library\General\Install\SAP\runnas /user:username "sap.bat" /password:password

and here are the contents of that sap.bat:

@Echo off
L:\General\Install\SAP\SapFrontEnd640\Setup\SapSetup /install /checkdb /p:"Mhis"

I also tried not using the sap.bat ang typing the installation command directly like so:

\\sgnas1\library\General\Install\SAP\runnas /user:username "L:\General\Install\SAP\SapFrontEnd640\Setup\SapSetup /install /checkdb /p:"Mhis"" /password:password

but keep getting this error
Runnas: Cannot find the specified path

pls help is there anything wrong in the code or maybe some mo attributes to add. Thank you very much