Can I get a basic primer on ListView and the addition of items.. I was able to get data into the first column with no problem, but have not had any luck understanding samples that I have seen on how to add data to the second column.


Okay so I have figured out that
ListViewItemXX = ListView.Items.Add($System.Listviewitem("data to add")
is the equivilant (in my way of thinking) to the Key for all items that appear in that row.
EX: to add a subitem you have to do this..
ListViewItemXY = ListView.Items.Item(XX).Subitems.Add($System.ListViewSubItem("Data to add"))

But in my typical way of working I was assigning each ListViewItem in an array

ListViewItem[$Counter] = ....

Why you may ask.. Well if you have an unknown # of Key's it has be done dynamically, and I automatically go for array's to store that type of data.

Issue that I have now though is I have to add a subitem. But how to reference the Item {key} in the string to add a subitem

Cant do a
ListViewItemXY = ListView.Items.Item[$Counter].Subitems.Add($System.ListViewSubItem("Data to add"))
As the expected format is .Item(XX), Cant Reference it via .Item($Count)

So my real question becomes - How can I convert the ListItem[XX] to Item(XX)


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Nevermind I see what I did wrong and it now works for me... that is what I get for having stayed up all night and having to work on a Sunday....
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