KiXtart Learning Series - Round 02

  • No Moderators or Administrators aside from myself are allowed to post in this thread.
  • (This is for those with less experience to learn, not for bored, experienced users to bump their post count)
  • (If you're able to easily do this task then please don't participate with any solutions)
  • (If the task is too easy then I'll increase the difficulty level next time)
  • No using IM,PM or Google to locate/find an answer (you're on the honor system here).
  • For this lesson please don't use the UDF forum. The only help you're allowed is the KiXtart User Manual
  • All submitted code must be as though it were to be used in production. ie.. code should set options and
    have error checks as well as documentation of what the code is doing. Error checking does not need to
    be extensive but should have some basic check.
  • Code may be submitted as soon as you're ready.

Objective: Modify the 3rd binary value of the supplied regsitry modification to "bc"

Please download this Registry export which will create a new key and value in the Registry located here:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\KiXtart-Learning Round02

Download round02.reg

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

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