In response to this post I've come up with a very mini challenge
OT (off)/ OT (on) : Golfing / Minigolf

  • No Moderators or Administrators aside from myself are allowed to post in this thread.
  • (This is for those with less experience to learn, not for bored, experienced users to bump their post count)
  • (If you're able to easily do this task then please don't participate with any solutions)
  • (If the task is too easy then I'll increase the difficulty level next time)
  • No using IM,PM or Google to locate/find an answer (you're on the honor system here).

Objective: Check if registry key contains an expected value of "Enterprise Terminal Server"

Using REGEDIT.EXE create the key Golfing under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software
Then under the new Golfing key create a new Multi-String Value named Round1 and
enter the following value.
Enterprise {press enter key}
Terminal {press enter key}
Server {press enter key}

Now using KiXtart check if that value exists or not.

DO NOT Post any solution for this though until Friday, Sep 22