Search the board for Kix v VB posts.

There have been a couple of very good discussions which I've contributed to and I really don't want to retype the same stuff for a third time.

If you have any problems finding the threads shout again and we'll have a look form them.

The golf challenge is maybe not such a good metric to compare the languages. While it shows how rapidly fast accurate small code can be generated, golf challenges are rarely real-world examples and the code produced is compressed into a level of obscurity that no-one in their right mind would choose for production scripts - especially as we take advantage of undocumented features which may get "fixed" in future versions.

IF you really want to compare the Mayan golf challenge in VB and KiXtart you need to get a VB-aphobe to do it as few people on this board will have the interest to make it a real challenge.