Let me start off by saying that this is a great tool! This is my 1st post since I've usually been a lurker here while I learn KiXtart... I have a question on a possible future modification to runnas.

This tool is currently the only way I've been able to execute apps under an administrative context for our users at login, most of which are not local admins (teachers, students, etc..). We're in the process of migrating away from ScriptLogic due to renewal costs (to the tune of $250k) and I've been attempting to rebuild everything ScriptLogic did. I've pretty much got everything rebuilt with the exception of being able to execute a program (or script) under an administrative context and run it hidden. At login, one of the first things we do is run a "net localgroup" command from a batch file and add a series of domain groups to the local administrators group of each machine. Runnas does this beautifully, but I have to make a separate line for each execution, so if have 6 groups to add, it flashes up 6 windows. On the occasion where the group is already a part of the local administrators group, it will show the error 1378 (account name is already a member of the group) in the dos window. When the users see this, they think all hell is breaking loose because they just saw the word "error".

I've tried combining the RunEx UDF (which does a shellexecute) with Runnas unsuccessfully. I'm not sure if it had to do with requiring single/double quotes within each, but I gave up on that endeavor. I've tried a few other things like piping the stdout to NUL which works unless the accounts are already present, then the errors flash by in the dos window again. Is it possible to add another option that allows for hidden execution?