I know a lot has been said about login scripts and I have looked at most and have not found a solution to my problems. I am running in a mixed environment (NT4 Domain and Novell 3.x network, with Windows 9x, Windows 2k, and Windows XP desktops). With that said we use IPX, Netbios, and TCP/IP protocols. I am not sure what other info you need, but if you ask I will provide.
The problem I am having is the login script does not seem to finish and I can't figure out why or where. After the desktops have logged on to the network I can run the login script in debug mode and get no errors, I can also run it normally and it works fine. I tried copying the kix dlls to all the workstations and that did not help. I remember a while ago reading about someone else having the same problem, but I can not find any solution.
Any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions would be grrrrreatly appreciated.