First of all thanks for the work of NTDOC.

I found that your script is very good and I have comment
out the email part and I just need the html file.

However, I found that in some computer it is work fine but some of the comptuer cannot generate the complete HTML files, is the the problem of WMI, I don't know those computers have started the WMI service or not.

The following is the start of the html files
I have test on three Chinese Windows XP SP2,
one Windows 2003 server SP1,
one Chi WinXPSP2 is okay, the other two get the
following incomplete HTML, while the Server is okay


I can't post the html, when I post it, the board display
is get problems.
I just describe is here, it seems that I get only
part of the software information (not all), and I miss
Computer information


Thnaks for you help!

Gilbert Ng