This information taken from the Jython project.

I realize that this would probably be overkill and add too much size to the executable, but perhaps addition of at least some type of minor support of sockets could be added.

This is in regards to this recent thread.

Here are some of the goals of the Jython project just to give a better understanding of the request. Not that KiX would or should attempt to reach the same goals.


Thread-safe. The developed software must be thread-safe, i.e. as far as is possible, accessing objects (created through the software) from multiple threads simultaneously must result in predictable behaviour and no corruption of data.
Non-blocking TCP socket support. The developed software should support nonblocking access to both client and server TCP sockets. This applies to all operations, including opening and closing connections to socket endpoints, reading and writing data, and detection of out-of-band data.
Non-blocking UDP socket support. Ideally, non-blocking operations should be supported on UDP/datagram sockets