Bryce : Yeah, that thing does start moving:

Howard: We ended up at "Stock's on 2nd" (definitely recommended) :-) and at the airport for 2 hours today (delayed plane from Philly) :-( I'd also recomend the brewpub, good choice.

Jooel: Yes, I was in a hurry to get this KiXgolf started.

Howard and I discussed the current KiXgolf over a couple of beers and what my original intentions were with regards to the whole offset business. Unfortunately, Jooel found a bug in the original version, and told me only about 20 minutes before I had to catch a plane, thus the quick fix requiring the shifting of the encrypted letter.

I hope, that by now everybody has fiured out what exactly the shifting of the letters is about, essentially within the first word, all letters are shifted by +1 after encryption, e.g. '1' to '2' and '2' to '3', whereas for the decryption it would be -1, thus '2' back to '1'. For the second word, it would be '1' to '3' and so on, and the last characters would circle back to the first, e.g. 'z'+1='0' and 'z'+2='1'.

Let me know if you need further clarifications.
There are two types of vessels, submarines and targets.