[edit] My shifting altered the entire table so that each word was encrypted with a different table. The entire table shifted by the required offset. By shifting the first row, then processing the the balance of the table, this methodology provides a working solution but was not the exact specification Jens had requested.

I therefore am voiding this post as it does not conform to the challenge.

Hmmm. I seem to have gotten it to work with the original rules.


KiXtart Version = 4.22
KiXforms Version =
KiXGolf Script = kixgolf_vigenere.kix

OS = Windows 2000 Professional
CPU = Intel Pentium III
Speed = 848 MHz
Memory = 512 MB

KiXGolf Scoring Engine
Scoring Engine = 3.0.3

KiXtart Golf Score
Tournament = KiXtart Golf: Vigenere Cipher
Valid Cipher Ops = 9 (100%)
Processing Start = 2004/07/25 17:24:51.432
Processing End = 2004/07/25 17:25:15.038
Duration = 0000/00/00 00:00:23.605
KiXGolf Score = 853

Thank you for participating in KiXtart Golf!

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