Hi all,

I have a Win 2003 Server (standard) and it's freezing on me. I recently had a pioneer dvd writer, msde (ms desktop engine?) + sql 2000 server and sharepoint installed. I uninstalled the dvd writer, sql2000 + sharepoint (not sure how to uninstall msde) and it's still freezing.

I use vnc server on the server and I cant even vnc into it, I can only ping it and it replies but nothing else it simply freezzes so I cant use the mouse or keyboard, won't even respond to trying to manage the server (right click my comp and manage from another pc). I checked event log not much there at all, its always freezing around the 8am time period, some times 8.03 or 8.37 etc etc, different times. Any ideas?

It's a DC and its very important that I fix this problem. Many thanks!!


EDIT: Reply to Richard H.

Yes correct not much around the same time. (I will remote admin the server and tell you what is around that time, nothing important I think though)

Yes staff do login at that time. Over 100 workstations/laptops. (98 and xp machines)

Server is fully up to date, runs SUS server too.
Another thing, it does run a library server which runs a sql program sql anywhere i think), but it has been running for a while with no problems on this server and another. I was thinking it could be msde freezing the pc? Maybe I'll try get rid of that, isnt in add/remove programs though. Any more ideas? Thanks

FYI if it helps the server has 1 gig ram, 2 x 10k scsi 70 gig hd's, 2.4 xeon with HT. Its running SAV 8 too.

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