I'm working a Visual Studio type editor for Kixtart. It has indexed help, intelli-prompts (like intelli-sense) support for enumerated types, auto indentation, code completion and syntax highlighting. I'm getting ready to import the help information and I noticed that the ScriptLogic language reference is divided into essentially commands, functions, and macros. Unfortunately, I need a more traditional categorization of these elements since there are specific rules applied to each element type.

Items such as IF, While, Sub, Function, GoSub, and For are commonly referred to as statements since they control the flow of code.

+,*,-,/,=,<,> are traditionally called operators as they are used in equations.

Del, Play, MD are referred to as commands even though they appear to be functions. Can anyone shed some light on the reasoning of the categorization in the Kixtart help file?

While I can hide the traditional categorization of these language elements and present the KixHelp categories, IMHO not only does the distinction help clarify the language but the inconsistency, when for example somebody sets their highlighting preferences, is confusing.

Feedback is most appreicated.

Edited by schneider (2004-05-26 09:03 PM)