Interesting idea. You won't be able to catch all of them - GLOBALs declared in a parent script for instance.

You will also have to be very aware of scope.

The more I thought of this the worse of an idea it became. I really would hate to muck up scripts with meta tags, which other then having a seperate "declared variables" window or searching for every dim/global, is what I would have had to have. Speaking of can someone with the 1.99.3 beta verify I am correctly coloring variables? Our company is still running KiXtart 3.45 and our scripts are relativly simple so I've relied heavily on the 3.63 and 4.21 manuals for everything which may cause more complicated scripts coloring to be off.

Also what does everyone think about the new coloring routine: speed, options (personally I like and use the italicized comments...), etc. Or if your running it have you had to do a manual recolor for any reason? I've been putting everything through its paces trying to track down bugs and there getting less and less frequent, the coloring routine is the highlight of the program though so I want to make extra sure its solid.

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