To all,

Kixtarter 1.97 Beta has been released. A full description of the changes and the download is available here: You must have Windows 98 or higher and the Microsoft Dot Net v1.1 Framework for it to run correctly. Here are the major changes:

  • The old coloring routine has been scraped for one that colors as you type. Coloring is instantaneous while writing a script. Also strings (single and double quoted) are now highlighted.
  • The debug has been modified to start and stop running quicker.
  • The application itself is now written under the Dot Net Framework, making the install file and support files much smaller (as they use the framework instead of installing additional files which was causing issues with the old version (i.e. MSINet.ocx issues)).
  • Misc program enhancements and fixes to make it run faster.

If you test out the new version please let me know what you think. The old software, version 1.89, will no longer be updated from this point on. If anyone has any suggestions, comments, concerns, etc please let me know. Thanks!

Kixtarter - KiXtart Script Editor