My web host has changed which will make the old version (4.03 or lower) unable to auto update. I have released a new version to update the company/copyright information and remove the updater. Also while I was in the software I made a couple small tweaks resulting in a 10 - 40% increase in coloring speed and a HUGE increase in performance when line numbering is turned on. Please UNINSTALL your current version then download and install the new version. If you have issues with it the old install file for 4.03 will remain on the website.


Hello everyone,

Kixtarter is a full featured text editor for KiXtart login scripts. It is written in Visual Basic .Net (2010) and the newest version, 4.12, is now available along with its source code. The coloring routine has been improved and runs faster, the interface has gotten a much needed facelift, and usability overall has been improved. The program is released as donationware and is free for business or personal use. Some of the features within this version are:
  • Color highlighting of KiXtart script keywords (commands, functions, variables, macros, comments, and strings) with the ability to change the highlight color.
  • Easily insert all commands, functions, and macros with sample syntax filled in plus the ability to select parts of other files for insertion.
  • Gives you the ability to debug script files to a linked console window instead of logging out and back in each time or running the command from a command prompt. Script files don't even need to be saved as the program can use temporary copies for KiXtart execution.
  • Supports most text editing features such as cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, save, save as, and printing.
  • Ability to switch compatibility between version 3.63, version 4.23, and version 4.66 for syntax coloring to the version of KiXtart you are using.
  • Multiline Find and Replace to quickly make changes to your scripts.
  • Go To dialog to locate labels in your script or jump to a certain line number.
  • Built in wizards to insert message boxes, drive mappings, and registry access commands, and more.
  • Auto-Indent feature allows you to indent automatically if the last line was indented or if nested keywords are found (IF, Select, etc.).
  • Complete help system describing most of the features and options in the software.
  • Pre-Tokenization menu option to quickly convert your scripts using KiXtart so you don't have to do it from the command line.

This version will run on Windows XP and higher with the Microsoft Dot Net 4.0 installed, which is available for free from Microsoft.

The program is currently being hosted on my personal blog site http://www.allandynes.com/. If anyone has any comments or suggestions please let me know. Thanks!


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