think MCA is busy doing other thinks.
anyways, the automated way is not the same as manual.

when you do it manually, you need to search for keywords.
in the link you see the forum where it is but that's about it.
next, if you have link that has "title" in it instead of pure URL, you can search for that.

if you don't, you need to search for all topics in that forum (this does not properly work in ubb.threads) by revealing all topics:

oh, btw, you shouldn't do this if you love yourself.
not sure if the board allows either (tested with little lower numbers)

and finally, best way to find old info is to ask.
moderators (aka mods aka moderations aka aliens) and old dudes most likely know where to search if not even know the exact topic.
like the link I showed you on the another thread shows, my suggestion to search for kixomatic was right.

download KiXnet