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#87513 - 2002-08-27 03:12 AM Kixforms: TabKeyBehavior vs AcceptsTab ?
Shawn Administrator Offline

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See there are some old dawgs on the board tonight ... help ...

One of the biggest things that causes me the most grief is trying to devise "names" for new properties. There are the old, legacy names from VB ... there are some standard OLE names for ActiveX controls, and then there are the "new" names from .NET. Case in point ... I'm sitting here wondering if I should call the property that allows TABS in TEXTBOXES, eg:


(these aren't even supported in VB):


$TextBox.TabKeyBehavior = True/False
$TextBox.EnterKeyBehavior = True/False


$TextBox.AcceptsReturn = True/False
$TextBox.AcceptsTab = True/False

Anyone got an opinion ? Thing is ... if forms ever supported the older embedded OLE controls, then those will require the use of the old ActiveX/VBA name (because we talk directly to the control, not to the form) ... but the new .NET name is better (I think) more understandable and intuitive ... plus newer Controls might use this standard going forward ... errggg ... suggestions ?


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#87514 - 2002-08-27 03:17 AM Re: Kixforms: TabKeyBehavior vs AcceptsTab ?
Chris S. Offline
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Didn't we do the .net thing on the mouse pointer thingy?

Maybe it should be:


Huh, no? Ok, the dot net thing then.

#87515 - 2002-08-27 03:33 AM Re: Kixforms: TabKeyBehavior vs AcceptsTab ?
Shawn Administrator Offline

Registered: 1999-08-13
Posts: 8611
Yeah, I remember that "MousePointer" thingy ... its just that I had this mental block against calling it "Cursor" for some reason ... guess I've seen too much code that uses the MousePointer name ... actually, I kinda regret not going with the .NET Cursor name ... is it too late ... can I change my mind ?

Going for AcceptsTab and AcceptsReturn ...

#87516 - 2002-08-27 04:26 AM Re: Kixforms: TabKeyBehavior vs AcceptsTab ?
Sealeopard Offline
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I'd say we look forward and use the .NET version.
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#87517 - 2002-08-27 04:45 AM Re: Kixforms: TabKeyBehavior vs AcceptsTab ?
Les Offline
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Dot NET sounds good and yes Shawn, you're entitled to change your mind.  Legacy shmegacy, heck with backwards compatability!
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#87518 - 2002-08-27 07:56 AM Re: Kixforms: TabKeyBehavior vs AcceptsTab ?
Schuliebug Offline

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Go with the .Net naming. That naming also seems more logical to me.
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#87519 - 2002-08-27 11:15 AM Re: Kixforms: TabKeyBehavior vs AcceptsTab ?
Fernando Madruga Offline
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.net for me too [Smile]

Actually, not only it's .net, but it was used in other languages before .net too... If I recall correctly from my Delphi days, that's the way to do it in Delphi...


P.S.: About legacy: if you do change stuff from one version to another, please don't forget to include those changes in a readme, so as to make life easier for someone trying to upgrade to a more recent version of KiXForms... [Smile]

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