Jens (sealeopard) and I have been crusading the proper use of quotes for so long that I've finally decided to write a FAQ on it.

Basically, KiX will accept either single (') or double (") quotes as delimiters.  The OS, on the other hand, is not as accepting of single quotes in place of double quotes.

Beware that the curly quotes ( ), used in some examples in the manual, will give you trouble.  Pay close attention to what examples you copy/paste into your script.

If you find you need to include quotes on the command line, there are several ways to go.

1. Use single quotes outside and double quotes inside.
SHELL '%comspec% /c "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" about:blank'

2. Use Chr(34) in place of double quotes.

3. Assemble the shell command as a string.
$ShellCMD = Chr(34) + $WorkDir + "\symcdefsx86.exe" + Chr(34) + " /q /extract /vdb " + $TempDir

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