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Ref - Checking for an existing User Account

1. Convert num to Hex -2147022675 = 0x800708AD
2. Strip top 4 bytes = 08AD
3. Convert back to Dec 0x08AD = 2221
4. Look up this error with NET HELPMSG 2221
H:\temp>net helpmsg 2221

The user name could not be found.


You specified an unknown user name.


Check the spelling of the user name. To display
a list of the users in the security database, type:


If you are not able to get this information readily, you can use the following resources:

You may also want to go to newsgroups. You don't have a News Reader?

You should be able to try here-


Thanks to Howard for this tidbit:
In case anyone is interested in a little automation. This function can be included in your code and called when the COM error <> 0.
? ConvertCOMerror(-2147022675)
Function ConvertCOMerror($error)
$error = val("&"+Right(DecToHex($error),4))
? "Error: $error"
shell "net helpmsg $error"

See also this topic for another slant on it.
Topic: FAQ Disscussion - Error Msg Lookup

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