This is a minor update with the following fixes & enhancements:

  • CompareFileTimes has been enhanced so it can operate on open files.
  • RD can now delete an entire directory tree (including any files) using the new "/s" parameter. Note that since Beta 1, RD has been enhanced such that it continues deleting files and directories evern if it encounters errors.
  • Fixed handling of mismatched parameters by InStr().
  • Added an option to AScan to return all matching elements.
  • Fixed the handling of F10, F11, F12, etc keys by SendKeys.
  • Added a '/p' (Postpone) option to MOVE and DEL to enable you to postpone the actions until the next reboot. This can bve useful to replace files that are normally in use.

    See KIX2010.TXT for more detail on the enhancements. (Note that the manual has not been updated yet.)

  • get it from www.kixtart.org/binary/devel/KiX2010_452b2.zip (243kB)

    download KiXnet