2007-11-15 10:18 AM
Learning and Example Scripts


I have installed the latest KiXtart software. Need to know how should I strat learning the scripting? Is there any study material where I'll get the basic commands of KiXstart?
Please help.

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(KiX Supporter)
2007-11-15 10:23 AM
Re: Welcome to the Learning and Example Scripts Forum

This book will help.

Start To Finish Guide To Scripting With Kixtart

Also the manual provides examples with each command/function.
The best way to learn is just start scripting and search this board for stuff you need.

(MM club member)
2007-11-15 07:55 PM
Re: Learning and Example Scripts

Maybe short script to get you started:
;This is to prevent your computer to log off when using kix32.exe
Break On
;Dimension variable to catch return codes that you just want to discard
Dim $RC
;After setting the Option Explicit to On, you must declare all used variables
$ = SetOption("Explicit","On")
;These lines just shows some text
'Hello World'
? "Question Mark will make you go to a new line"
? 'You can concatenate "double quotes" in simple quotes'
? 'Press any key to continue'
Get $RC ;Get catches one keypress, but I just us it to pause the script

This is the screen output:
Hello World
Question Mark will make you go to a new line
You can concatenate "double quotes" in simple quotes
Press any key to continue

The kix2010.doc that goes with every package is also very usefull!!