(KiX Master Guru)
2005-09-10 10:57 PM
4.51 Beta 2 Out

Release notes for KiXtart 2010 (version 4.51 BETA 2)

New functionality/enhancements:

1) GetFileSize has been enhanced so it can operate on open files.

2) GetFileTime has been enhanced so it can operate on open files.

Additionally,GetFileTime now supports a 2nd parameter enabling selection of
the time to be returned:

0 - return last write time (default)
1 - return creation time
2 - return last access time

3) Tokenized files can now be protected with a password. To use this option
simply specify a password for the file to be protected on the commandline
using the '/u' option.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: scripts that have been password protected can only be
accessed with the password. If you forget the password
(and do not have access to the script source) there is no
way to retrieve the script.

4) Fixed handling of multiple INCLUDE's of the same INCLUDE file.

5) Adjusted scope of variables in INCLUDE files to that of the INCLUDing

6) Fixed handling of empty Delimiter parameter by Join.

7) Added a 5th parameter to AScan enabling selection of the type of match:

0 = exact match (default)
1 = InStr match

8) Fixed handling of the '~' operator.

9) Removed '2001' text from exception messages.

10) Changed 'LongHorn' text to 'Vista'.

11) Added support for new Windows Versions (Starter Edition, Server R2, etc).

Please report any issues with this release on one of the KiXtart discussion
forums on the Internet:


If your issue can not be resolved on the forums, please email full details on
the problem, configuration and script(s) involved to [Email]kixtart2001 at hotmail.com.[/Email]

Note that KiXtart is provided to you as CareWare. Please see the manual for
full details on the KiXtart CareWare distribution policy.

4.51 Beta 2 in KiXtart.org Development Downloads