(Fresh Scripter)
2017-11-01 01:40 PM
Local printer question

I have a script that sets network printers from our print server. HOWEVER, some computers in our organization also have a local attached USB printer or have a printer local printer in their room, but it is networked. I am trying to adjust my printer script so that it will look and see if they have a printer already set and set that to the default printer. The big issue is that everyone does not have the same local or networked printer in their room.

Thanks for the help.....

Glenn BarnasAdministrator
(KiX Supporter)
2017-11-03 12:22 PM
Re: Local printer question

Our commercial Kix-based login script handles per-user, per-room and per-machine local printers with a multitude of methods. Custom logic (with sample code provided) is available. You can go here to see the user guide PDF: http://www.mspbuilder.com/products/uls-documentation

It's now available at http://www.mspbuilder.com - you will need to create an account on the site to download the software. It's free if you have 1-2 domain controllers, and pretty cheap for the 10 and Unlimited DC versions. You can run it manually in any size environment for testing, and the product is fully supported, including configuration assistance.