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2022-01-08 11:53 AM
KiXForms Usage

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year \:\)

Been a few years since I have posted on here, but just wanted to find out if anyone is still using KiXForms? If not then what are people using?

Im still using KiXForms with VBS on a much smaller scale then I use to. Using AdminScriptEditor form designer just to make the basic design and then code everything by hand.



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2022-01-09 06:58 AM
Re: KiXForms Usage

It's still in use, but like Kixtart, its users are getting smaller and smaller.

Glad to see you around again.

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2022-01-10 09:19 AM
Re: KiXForms Usage

Still using it but some things that we use it for are getting replaced.

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2022-01-10 09:46 PM
Re: KiXForms Usage

I still enjoy dabbling in it at home. But have started using more, etc to make small GUIs. I'm also not in "IT" anymore per say, so I mostly write small programs for task automation type things, and it eliminates the need to get the DLL registered (I do still miss the days of being an admin account).

Also, I see more and more that most people don't even know what kix/kixforms is, so it's just easier.

Glenn BarnasAdministrator
(KiX Supporter)
2022-01-21 11:19 PM
Re: KiXForms Usage

Happy new year - 2021-take 2!

We still use Kix32/KixForms extensively. KF is also used in several of our non-GUI applications that run as System Services to perform time-based and response-based actions. In fact, we have only two GUI-based KF apps - all the rest are apps that run with minimal resource use until an event triggers a response. Small app, tiny scripts, and "zero-footprint" install make it ideal when you're deploying automation services to over 100K computers around the world. Much faster than many other solutions as well. We have nearly 600 UDFs in our current library covering multiple product/platform APIs, data pack/transfer/unpack, and secure communications. There's probably another 200 "private" UDFs that support specific apps.

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2022-01-25 10:34 PM
Re: KiXForms Usage

Eventhough I dislike it, I'm moving more and more to PowersHell. With Azure DSC and all, also to write some GUI's for some users it seems easier to just write it is PS these days (though I still miss Benny's Studio for

(KiX Master)
2022-01-25 10:53 PM
(NA) Re: KiXForms Usage

Indeed, missing the "old days"