(KiX Master Guru)
2015-09-12 10:35 PM
KiXforms .net rebuilt

after all this time, kf.net from 2007, or 2009 or... not really sure has been rebuilt.

the version stands as

whats new since version
- built with visual studio 2013
- might have some other changes by Shawn, so can't speak to it

and I am not sure if Shawn ever release 3.2 with .net requirement check, but this one should be without one. All referenced assemblies are still .net 2.0 so it should work with your PC no matter what version of windows it is running.

I will not upload it to the downloads section just yet as I need some of you folks to actually test that it still works as well as the old one.

(KiX Master Guru)
2015-09-13 05:37 PM
Re: KiXforms .net rebuilt

btw... I have no access to modified ndoc by Shawn and the Sandcastle even he seemed to have experimented with requires heavy modification to even work at all so the chm included is not compiled from the current sources but is the last by Shawn, for 3.2.16 if I am not mistaken.

and lastly, unlike I remembered, the kf.net documentation wasn't all that comprehensive so that might be the first thing to deserve some loving attention.