Bob Deerinwater
(Starting to like KiXtart)
2002-07-11 05:46 AM
e-mail results of a script

I have written a kix script that installs dns and set the variable ip addresses for win 9x and NT. i am using blat to e-mail me the results this works fine in the NT side of the script. but when is the blat in the 9x portion the scripts ends. the log file is created and i can view it but no luck in the e-mail part.

i am using this command
shell "blat servername 1 25"
i have also ran the blat -install servername 1 25
blat is sitting in the windows directory. I hope some can shed some light on this for me. Thanks

(KiX Master Guru)
2002-07-11 05:50 AM
Re: e-mail results of a script

what is the script that utilizes blat at win9x?

(KiX Supporter)
2002-07-11 05:56 AM
Re: e-mail results of a script


Why not using a text file for logging the results?
Mail requires
- availability of mail server
- additional mail action must be taken
Possible another idea is that the system mail you the collected information once a day.

For ideas see our logon.kix on our site. It can create historical and dynamic list of your