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2009-07-31 12:05 PM
Please help me. Basic question


I'm filling in the role of our former IT manager, and I was going through he's setup. I found that the login script for all users in AD is kix32.

(I didn't know anything about kix)

I found the kix32.exe in the netlogon folder on the DC server(only 1 DC)and then I wonder, where is the script?? I know there is a script running, when people log on, but how can I see which script(s) kix is running??

Could be a stupid question, but I'm lost here.

Thank you in advance.

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2009-07-31 12:23 PM
Re: Please help me. Basic question

Hi and welcome to the board.

Kixtart will search for two default files (the second only if the first is not there).

 Originally Posted By: Kix 4.60user guide

By default, KiXtart automatically looks for a personal script for the current user ("Username.KIX"). If it does not find one, it looks for the default script, "KIXTART.KIX". You can override this behavior by specifying one or more scripts after Kix32.exe on the command line.

So there must be a kixtart.kix (or scr) file in your netlogon/sysvol or a separate script for each user that is called usernamegoeshere.kix (or scr).

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2009-07-31 12:42 PM
Re: Please help me. Basic question

Welcome to KORG!

Look at a user profile in Active Directory.. the Login Script field will identify where the script is, relative to the \\domain\netlogon share.

If that field shows only "kix32", then the script must be "kixtart.kix", or one script for each user - "username.kix", and must be located in the netlogon share.

If the field shows something like "kix32 lscript\login.kix", then it is in the "lscript" subfolder of the netlogon share, and is called "login.kix".

If the scripts are being called from GPO (logON script vs. logIN script), then you will need to examine the GPOs to determine the script location.


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2009-08-03 08:36 AM
Re: Please help me. Basic question

Hi Guys!

Thanx for the replys.

I looked again, and found a kixstart.scr file with a HUGE script \:\) I dont get it because when I look at the scripts it seems to ask the users questions, and show a "waiting" sign when the antivirus is updating.

None of this is happening. As far as I know all the script does is map the drives..

It also seems that the script was originally made in 1999 when the company had another set of servers, and I can see that several IT managers have made their changes to it via the log aplied at the top of the script.

Can I be sure that this is the right script? It seems to be the only file in the netlogon folder that meets the requirement of what you say, but I have a hard time believing that we actually use this extensive script.

Again: in AD it says kix32 as the login script for all users..

Thank you again for your help.

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2009-08-03 08:54 AM
Re: Please help me. Basic question


I realised that some of the stuff in the script refers to citrix users. This script is pretty advanced, and I'm way out of knowledge on editing it.. OMG \:\)

Any beginner advices?

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2009-08-03 09:02 AM
Re: Please help me. Basic question

Post the entire script here, and we'll fill you in :-)