(Fresh Scripter)
2008-09-14 05:22 AM
Supported Architectures

This isn't really a scripting question, but will the KiX executables run on any processor architectures aside from x86 and amd64?

Glenn BarnasAdministrator
(KiX Supporter)
2008-09-14 02:45 PM
Re: Supported Architectures

Yes - on 64 bit architectures, they run in the WOW64 environment, which emulates x86 code on x64 hosts.

My workstation here is AMX x64, and most of my servers are Intel x64, and Kix32.exe runs flawlessly.

Your scripts, however, may be another story...
The WOW64 environment presents an alternate view of the SYSTEM32 folder, as well as the HKLM registry hive. When you read from the registry, you'll see mirrors of the X64 values, but when you write, you'll write to the mirrored location instead of the actual location. These updates will affect x86 applications, but not x64 apps. You need to use the commands available in the later versions of Kix to disable the redirection that the O/S does if you want to control settings that will be used by all application types.

It's not a problem - it works as intended - but if you aren't aware of it, it will take a BIG bite out of your butt the first time you encounter it. ;\)