(Korg Regular)
2006-03-21 07:45 PM
kixtart dll's backwards compability.

Heyya, a kinda weird question - is the dll's backwardscompatible?

Here's what I've got :

In a eariler post I fumbeled about how to call different scripts.
I'm using a simple select-sorting,but this is used with wkix.exe from the latest stable, and if I am to call that one, how will the 9x machines react regarding the old version that's being used for them?

Chris S.
(MM club member)
2006-03-21 08:20 PM
Re: kixtart dll's backwards compability.

The dll's haven't changed in years, so updating the KiXtart exe's shouldn't change a thing.

(KiX Master)
2006-03-21 11:55 PM
Re: kixtart dll's backwards compability.


wkix.exe from the latest stable

Sorry, there is no genuine KiX software by that name. Accept no substitiutes!

I don't recommend you use WKiX32.exe on Wintendos unless you launch with Start /Wait.

(Korg Regular)
2006-03-22 07:59 AM
Re: kixtart dll's backwards compability.

Thanks for the info Chris.
wkix32.exe is what I meant ofcourse =).
And Les, that is used.